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Lots and lots of stuff 
1st-May-2010 12:32 pm
Misc: No  one is thinking

I'm finally back from an extremely long hiatus! To be honest not a lot has been going on with me, just the basic work, school, gym, sleep. Luckily I've finished school for this year (I've only got next year to go and I'm free! Yes!), which now leaves a large hole in my schedule. I haven't exactly decided what I'm putting there, I may take up reviewing again as that took up a few hours a week. Who knows. As for work it's been going... well? That's a lie actually, I'm really glad that my first degree is done and I can start looking for a new job this summer (I know, I know I'm confusing you all, it's not that complicated I swear!) I'm actually pretty nervous about the new job title as I'll be in charge of people's lives and such, and I'll kind of miss my antics at my current job with my co-workers. 

Like last night we were slow for a bit, and we tested the 'No Pain, No Gain' experiment from Mythbusters, which was completely amusing to see who could last the longest!

That data from the night kind of supports it,but it's not enough to go by because I was the only girl that did it, but I am interested to see how a transexual would work in this since they're born male, but live as a female. Ah well! 

Data from Ice Water test
NameTime Completed
Will2 minutes 0 seconds
Adam1 minute 15 seconds
Rebecca2 minutes 10 seconds

I seriously gloated for three hours after we completed this since they always like to say they're so much better than me. So actually having something I beat them at without having too many issues was freaking awesome. :D:D 

Anyways, lately I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my future, and where I want to move after school, and I've decided:

I'm pretty bummed that dateacha is leaving to go up to Indiana this year, it'd be pretty awesome to be able to hang out with her and all, ah well I'm sure she'll come back at some point. I mean her family still lives there, so I'll just kidnap her for lunch one day... or coffee? Who knows.

But Texas has been floating around my head for over a year now, and at first I was going to move out to Los Angeles, because I love that city. But I was thinking about it, and for the type of person I am, and my needs Texas meets my needs better, and by Texas I mean Austin. It has an awesome music scene (it's home to ACL and SXSW), plus I can continue my pre-med at University of Texas at Austin (Go Longhorns!). It also doesn't hurt that it's only about 1300 miles from home, and I can hop on the 35 up to the 10 and over to Florida if I get too homesick and feel like driving home for a few days (although that drive sucks).

I've decided that September would be ideal since it's right before ACL and I won't have to make two trips out to Austin next year, or at least in October to December, and it'll give me enough time to be able to MAYBE take off for Thanksgiving or Christmas to go home and see my mom. I'd go earlier but I really want to take as much time as possible to save up enough money to get the stuff for my apartment/house without having to rush myself. Which if you know me means I will plan every detail of my apartment theme out in my head, and make a million lists of what I need/don't need. That's just how I am.


Speaking of Texas and hot guys from there! I saw 100 Monkeys at Jackrabbits the 2nd, and they were AMAZING! OH-EM-GEE. The first band really, really, really sucked, and all I wanted to do was run away and hide from the crap they were playing. I swear all she did was sing off key and toss her hair around! But the second band was awesome! There were only two guys doing the whole thing, and they killed it! I seriously wish I could remember what they called themselves because they seriously deserve a shout out! The third act was The Kissing Club, he seriously annoyed the shit out of me. I'm all for really folkish, indie sounding music, I really am, but I'd like to be able to understand what you're singing, and feel like you're trying to connect with the crowd, he did none of that. When the Monkeys finally hit the stage, it was insane. All you could hear were little girls screaming how short Jackson/Jasper was and such, when really he's about average for most guys.

Jackson on the other hand looked SO pissed! I think it may have something to do with the security allowing some skank I know to go back to where they were, which they weren't supposed to do, but hey! When the chick is giving you free blow jobs out in the back to help her meet these bands who are you to deny her? Oh right, you're supposed to it's your job. >.> I should also mention that you probably shouldn't be allowing her to sneak in booze or buying her beers simply because she sucks you off. It'll help you all lose your job and maybe, just maybe get your club shut down. Just saying.

ANYWAYS! They did really amazing, but I only stayed to the half way point with them, I had been up over 24 hours and I was pretty much dead on my feet, plus I was starving and wanted to grab some food, so we bailed. Although I did meet this awesome twimom named Theresa, and I'm pretty hyped for the next Monkeys show I go to with her, she was sooo funny. She was showing off in front of said jackass security person when he was making fun of the band's more country songs. Let's just say she showed him what it means to actually two step! She's amazing.

I didn't get too many pictures from the show as I didn't take a good camera, and I was in an awkward spot, but here is my favourite from that




I've been thinking about going on a Monkeycation this fall, but when I'd have the time off is about when Jackson should be up in Canada/Portland shooting the newest Twatlight, so I'm not really counting on that to be happening. I will on the other hand probably make it to two or three of their shows they have left here in the south. From what I can work out they have Tallahassee, Mobile, and Savannah left. All of those would be extremely easy for me to make it to, and I really want to. Although if I can't I'll probably end up going out to Austin in October for ACL (Austin City Limits), which is the 8th to the 10th, and would actually be easier since I wouldn't have to drive as much, and worry about booking a million different hotels, but that'll have to wait until closer to the dates. :)


So, I've decided to do a weekly (monthly probably) playlist and upload it for you all this week is as follows: 



Hope you all have a great weekend!

Also just for my knowledge: 0/18


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